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You know that book "The Purpose Driven Life"? You know, the one that starts off by saying "It's not about you?" Well I waited 5 months for that dang book to come in at church and it finally did and I read that sentence and got so torked I threw that dang book across the front room and broke my record player. You know why? I'll tell you. Right now. It IS about you. It's about you being at Van Vreedes. Maybe on a Tuesday night when there's more salespeople there than customers ...
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and you can tell they just want to go home and know you're not really going to buy that recliner you've been trying out for the last hour. At least you are there and you're at Van Vreedes and that's just going to be good enough for everyone who thinks they get a say in this. But no paperback book is going to tell me how to live my life and in case you are wondering where I am because I'm not answering my phone just know I'll be at Van Vreedes.
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Earl Scheib
Closed on my first house 6/26/2015. A lot of people told me to go to van vreedes for appliances so I checked them out. The salesman was very knowledgeable and I purchased a washer and dryer to be delivered on my closing date. The delivery guys arrived and my washer had a scratch/dent on the side. They offered to bring it back and get a new one. Due to the fact that I needed the washer that day, I kept it and asked for a discount and for it to be fixed. I was offered a low ball money back ...
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and some touch up paint. When I called back to talk to the salesman, he has been out so I have not been able to reach him to negotiate the offer or accept it. Either way, I am dissatisfied with the customer service.
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Tiffany Binsfeld
Lightning crashes, a new shopper cries This discount shes been waiting for The lady chooses her size A Pale blue colored prize Sales calls the warehouse They bring the sofa up to buy, buy Oh now feel it, Van Vreedes comin back again Like a rollin, thunder chasing the wind Discounts comin from The clearance closeout rack again I can feel it.
Edward Kowalczyk
There should be a Van Vreedes on every corner, and once we have accomplished that then we need to build more corners. And then the whole thing starts all over again.
Freda Felcher
There is a time and there is a place for everything. Now is that time and Van Vreedes is that place. Trust me, dont think. Get there and get there fast. I said dont think, just do and do what I say. You say you want to be a part of history? To be a part of something bigger? Where would you go? It is clear as a bell in my book and you need to buy that book and I will even sign it for you with a Sharpie on that ...
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first page with no printing on it. That book says get to Van Vreedes now and it will be the best thing you ever did. I will be there too. Maybe out in the open by the refrigerators or maybe behind a dryer way in the back but I WILL be there. It doesnt get any better than Van Vreedes and if you are not there you will live a life of regret and thats no way to live. Its easy, go to Van Vreedes. The rest will take care of itself. That book you just bought that I signed says so. Chapter 9. Read it and then get in the car and get there. Do not shovel the driveway first, that is just prolonging the wait and keeping you from whats right in this world. See you there.
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Nicholas Samsonite
You know what I dont understand is how Van Vreede could keep reinventing AWESOME. Look out, its an 8.0 on the Ricticulouslyawesome Scale thanks to guess who again? Thats right, the big VV brothas and sistas. The double V. V to the V to the Oh Yeah. Bartender, can I get a V and make it double? Waiter, can I get a V with a side order of V? You can if you have an appetite for AWESOME. Van Vreede is definitely Latin for buckle up and hit the gas, kids you ...
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can drink your strawberry shakes with no lids in daddys car today because there are no more rules when life is this AWESOME. The Governor just called and the new capital is Appleton for one reason and one reason only and by now you all hear me and know where this headed. Is it fair? No, but thats how life is, youve got the prom court and then youve got the chess club and there is no doubt which one the big V V is. Thats just how it is so pick up your toys and go home to momma if you dont like it. Van to the Vreede is here to stay. If you arent comprendoing yet then you just dont belong and its time to pack the station wagon and get out to make room for even more AWESOME we all know is coming from the big double V.
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Ray Finkle
Couldn’t be happier. Well not really, Im actually pretty salty but that has nothing to do with Van Vreede except the fact they were there when it happened. Not all of them, but their 2 install guys. I think their names were Donnie and maybe Elf or something weird like that but its not important. They were nice guys. When I offered them coffee they didnt want to be any trouble and just took it black. I thought that was really thoughtful and said a lot about the company. And their shirts had ...
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that nice sharp crease in their sleeves which most people dont take the time to make sure of anymore nowadays. I say that says a lot about a company and I think anyone with any shred of self respect and love of the US of A would agree. I bought one of those drive in movie theater sized Vizios and had it delivered and installed right smack in the front room. There was a time when I would just DIY it but those days are long over after what happened at the Fair. Donnie and Elf tried to tell me the wall I told them to hang the TV on was not stable but I told them neither was I and they better do what I said or bottle rockets would start flyin. They hung it somethin beautiful, centered and level and everything. I had spent all my bread on the monster Vizio so I tipped them a couple handfuls of Splenda packets I took from Golden Basket. They refused which again, I think says a lot about the company. I went to hang some tinsel later from the bottom of the TV and the whole shootin match came down like an avalanche and took half the wall with it. Turns out the studs weren’t even nailed to the floor or ceiling joists which Van Vreede could have never known. Nope, cant blame them for that and to their credit they did try to tell me but I was just in one of my moods. Of course I had to have the foundation drilled out and when that happened the DNR guy tells me the house is built on an old indian burial ground. The previous owners said that was an exclusion so they were supposed to take that with them but no dice there - obviously. Come to think of it, if I bought a Vizio I must have been at Walmart, but again I think it says a lot about a company that will send their install guys to install a TV they didn’t even sell. Or, maybe I imagined this whole thing.
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Pete Shweddy
Oh my heavens, went to Van Vreedee’s on Sunday and it was the most fun since I played penny slots all night in Vegas that night in 1977 after the Wayne Newton concert at the Sahara. I used to like wearing leather and lace back then but I’m a little old for that now and my muffin top makes for a pretty unflattering shadow if you know what I mean. Anyhoo, the kids loved the llama rides back behind the warehouse and the complimentary hot stone treatment with the free huckleberry smoothie was such a nice surprise on ...
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a cold Wisconsin day. I couldn’t believe it when they let me play my pan flute for a few hours in the employee lounge. This was one of those days you just don’t want to have end but it finally had to when they shut the lights off and said they were calling the cops unless we left NOW. I think maybe we’ll go back there for lunch on Wednesday. If I had any idea how to open a Facebook account, I’d like Van Vreedees on it probably 24 or 25 times. Maybe 27.
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Dale Ickerson
Just had my washer and dryer delivered today. A+++ Best selection, best prices and best service in Northeastern Wisconsin! We will definitely be back!
Van Vreedes has an awesome selection at great prices! I drove from Stevens Point just to shop there! The sales individuals were also excellent to work with!
Dave Cooper
Nice selection of quality products!
Dan S
I was very impressed with the service, selection, and staff.
matt domaszek